Credit Card Defense

If you are being sued by a debt collector, FIGHT BACK and you may save thousands. A money judgment is likely to be followed by a garnishment of your wages (up to 25%.)

If you answered “YES!” to one or more of these questions, you are not alone. Don’t worry–your situation is not as bad as you think. Often, debt collection agencies do not have enough proof to win in court, if you fight back.

As a former debt collection attorney, Erik Kardatzke has litigated thousands of cases just like yours… he knows the debt collectors’ tactics, and may be able to help you negotiate a better settlement, or possibly win your case so you won’t owe them a single penny. Debt collectors are counting on you not having a lawyer. With a little help, you may be able to win your case.

Attorney Kardatzke has been a member of the Florida bar since 2005, is a former debt collector, and has litigated numerous credit card debt-related cases, including trials and appeals. The team at Debt Defense is very familiar with the legal and practical matters involved in these types of cases, and the Debt Defense Law practice is devoted to the defense in debt collection matters.

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