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About Debt Defense Law FAQs
How much will this cost?
How long will this take?
Will I have to go to court?
Why hire a lawyer rather than debt settlement or debt consolidation?
Can you help me negotiate with the debt collectors?

Credit Card Debt Defense FAQs
What if my wages have already been garnished?
What is the debt statute of limitations?
What type of debt can you help with?
What is a default judgment?

FDCPA/Debt Collector Harassment FAQs
Can you make the bill collectors stop harassing me by telephone?
What is the Fair Debt Collection Act?
How do I know if I am being harassed or abuse? What are the debt collectors allowed to do, and what is against the rules?
How do I prove that I am being harassed?
Will I have to go to court?

Bankruptcy FAQs
Should I just file for bankruptcy?
What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?