Are You Afraid to Appear in Court for a Debt Collection Lawsuit?

Nervous about a summons?

So, you’ve been served and you’re afraid of walking into the courtroom, facing the judge, and even worse, facing the lawyers the debt collectors have hired. You are not alone–most people don’t realize that debt collectors almost always win in court, simply because consumers don’t show up for their scheduled court appearances! And why don’t they show up? Many reasons–fear, confusion, or the desire to avoid further confrontation with the debt collectors.  Often, consumers have suffered weeks and months of abuse or harassment by debt collectors, and the thought of being subjected to more harsh treatment in a courtroom is just too much to bear.

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous, afraid, or intimidated at the thought of walking into a courtroom–especially if you’ve read in the news or heard from others how horrible the debt collectors and their lawyers can be.

But it is imperative that you appear or hire an attorney to appear for you, or you may forfeit your rights!

There are actions you can take to help you prepare for your court date so that you aren’t so stressed:

Also understand that if you retain the services of an attorney, you may not need to appear in court at all. If you choose to consult with a consumer attorney regarding your summons, be sure to ask if this is a possibility for you in your specific situation.

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