Credit Card Lawsuit? Call An Experienced Credit Card Debt Attorney

Welcome to the website of Debt Defense Law.  Are you facing a lawsuit from a debt collector or credit card company? Attorney Erik Kardatzke is a Miami consumer lawyer dedicated to defending individuals against credit card companies, debt collectors and their attorneys. Erik Kardatzke and Debt Defense Law will step in at any point in your case for a free consultation to find out how to help YOU–in or out of court. Even if you’ve already had your wages garnished, received a default judgment, received a summons, or missed your court date in a debt collection lawsuit–call us to find out how we can help. We may be able to eliminate the debt completely, without bankruptcy or payment plans.

Are Debt Collectors Threatening You? Harrassing You? Driving You Crazy????

At Debt Defense Law, we realize that if you are dealing with debt collectors and their lawyers, you may be experiencing harassment by home telephone, by cell phone, or by mail. These days many debt collectors are using unfair, unethical, and even ILLEGAL methods to collect their debts. If you are being harassed by debt collectors and would like to know if they are breaking the law, take a look at our FDCPA violations checklist. And guess what? If you ARE being harassed by debt collectors in an illegal way–Debt Defense Law will partner with you to not only stop the harassment, but to make things right and  turn the tables–YOU can take THEM to court.

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Whether you are being sued by a credit card company, debt collector, junk debt buyer, debt collection agency, or other type of lender, be confident that we have years of experience fighting against these companies and their lawyers in and out of court. Or, if you are looking for help settling a debt with a credit card company, Debt Defense Law attorney Erik Kardatzke can contact the debt collectors’ lawyers on your behalf to work out a settlement that is FAIR for YOU–so you will no longer have to listen to the abusive debt collectors that have been contacting you at home or at work.